• VanlifeA vanlife weekend in the mountains of Snowdonia

    Snowdonia Weekend – UK Vanlife Vlog

    Recently I made a last minute decision to drive from Devon to Snowdonia National Park in north Wales. It really was a spur of the moment thing – I just felt like a change of scenery and the mountains were a good a place as any! So at 3pm on…

  • AdventuresClimbing the Daymark, Kingswear, Devon

    Climbing the Daymark, Kingswear, Devon

    So here’s our first attempt at buildering! Buildering? Whats that? I hear you say! Well, its bouldering and climbing on man made structures and buildings! Simple eh? Anyway, a while back I stumbled across across a photo on Twitter of somebody “buildering” the Daymark tower near Kingswear in south Devon.…

  • AdventuresTrad climbing at Bench Tor, Dartmoor

    Trad climbing at Bench Tor, Dartmoor

    In today’s Friday fun video, its time for some trad climbing at Bench Tor on Dartmoor. A couple of my friends wanted to go rock climbing, but needed somebody with a rope! So I tagged along with my rope, and witnessed my friends first ever trad climb! For those of…

  • Adventures
    Deep Water Solo Climbing, Ansteys Cove, Torquay

    Deep Water Solo Climbing, Ansteys Cove, Torquay

    With all the recent warm weather in the UK, a few of us introduced our friend Mark to his first ever deep water solo climbing route – which is climbing on cliffs above the sea with no ropes. The idea is if you make a mistake and fall – you…

  • AdventuresBouldering at Hartland Quay, North Devon

    Bouldering at Hartland Quay, North Devon

    Headed to Hartland Quay in North Devon with a few friends for a chance to go to a new place to try some of the bouldering and climbing. This time I didn’t take the camper van, as my mate had offered to drive, so we piled in a load of…

  • Adventures
    2016 Deep Water Solo (DWS) Climbing Competition, Exeter

    2016 Deep Water Solo (DWS) Climbing Competition, Exeter

    Highlights video of the deep water solo (DWS) climbing competition held over the canal at Exeter Quayside at the end of August 2016. Many thanks to the Paul and Alison at the Quay Climbing Centre for giving me access all areas to film this video! Headline sponsors: Quay Climbing Centre…

  • AdventuresSennen, Gwynver, St Ives and Godrevy Bouldering

    Sennen, Gwynver, St Ives & Godrevy Bouldering

    The Halloween weekend of 2015 was forecast as being warm and dry, so me and a friend Andy, tried to get a few of us together for a climbing and bouldering trip to Cornwall. There was a bit of bad luck as 2 other friends couldn’t make it due to…

  • AdventuresRoad trip to Porthcurno, England

    Road trip to Porthcurno, England

    Recently I decided to spend a few days away in Cornwall for a change of scenery. So headed off in the campervan to Lands End – and Porthcurno and Cape Cornwall in particular. I know Porthcurno well as I have surfed and skimboarded there many times, but on this occasion…

  • How ToVW T4 Van rear storage modifications

    VW T4 Van – rear storage modifications

    On one of my previous videos where I showed you the rear storage in my T4 Transporter van, you will notice that the bouldering mats are stored on the floor. Now having used the van over the past few weeks, it dawned on me that there is a lot of…

  • AdventuresRock Climbing at Ansteys Cove, Torquay

    Rock Climbing at Ansteys Cove, Torquay

    Been out rock climbing at Ansteys Cove in Torquay recently. I joined some friends to help introduce one of the guys to outside rock climbing for the first time. We stuck to some of the easier climbs, before having an attempt at some of the harder stuff. Ansteys Cove is…

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