Road trip to Porthcurno, England

Recently I decided to spend a few days away in Cornwall for a change of scenery. So headed off in the campervan to Lands End – and Porthcurno and Cape Cornwall in particular.

I know Porthcurno well as I have surfed and skimboarded there many times, but on this occasion I was going back to check out the cliffs for some bouldering and climbing.

Now Porthcurno has an interesting history, it is where the old telegraph and telephone cables come aground in England from all points of the globe.

It is interesting to look around the cable hut (which terminates the cables), and also the museum which is housed in the telegraph station which was built into the cliffs. A network of tunnels was built into the cliffs in WW2 to prevent an enemy attack.

After spending some time at Porthcurno, I headed around the coast to Cape Cornwall – this is a new place for me, having never visited there before. An absolutely stunning place, which is currently managed by the National Trust.

So there you have it, enjoy the video, and take a look at some of the photos below. if you have any questions, leave a comment below!

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