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Vauxhall Movano Rustic Self-Build Campervan Tour

I recently met up with Theo and Bee from The Indie Projects, who came down to Dartmoor to interview me about my self built Vauxhall Movano camper van.

I have been subscribed to Theo and Bee's YouTube channel for a number of years, and have followed their European travels in their VW T4 van with interest.

When they approached me about a feature on my van I was thrilled. I knew from watching their YouTube channel that Theo was an accomplished film-maker and photographer. So emails were exchanged back and forth, and the date and location was set.

Filming the van on Dartmoor

I met Theo and Bee at Haytor on Dartmoor, and then proceeded to take them to a smaller, lesser known tor called Bonehill Rocks. It was much quieter there, which was suitable for filming the interview and getting the associated shots and photos. The day was perfect, good light and no wind meant that we could get some drone footage of the van on Dartmoor.

Theo and Bee were keen to show off the rustic interior of the van which I had self built over the course of 4 months in 2016. I spent many hours pouring over photos and videos of other peoples vans, and in the end I knew the kind of rustic wooden interior that I wanted for my own van. Having said that, when I started the build I never quite expected it to turn out as well as it has 😉

Vanlife TV YouTube Channel

From the start of the project I knew I wanted to document the van build process on my YouTube channel. I wanted viewers to see how I carried out the work, and try and help them if they wanted to do a similar thing to their own vans.

I think I achieved this, as I get many comments and emails saying my videos were of great help and inspiration. This feedback makes the many hours of work, filming, editing and uploading worthwhile - as its great to know other people find it useful! 🙂

So with the filming and photographs out of the way, we concluded the day by going for a meal at the pub at Widecombe-in-the-moor, which is situated just below Bonehill Rocks. The 5 hours of filming is condensed into the 11 minute video above, and I think you will agree, Theo and Bee have done a fantastic job!

So a massive thank you to Theo & Bee for featuring my van on their YouTube channel!

If you want to follow The Indie Projects here are the links you need:

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Vauxhall Movano 2014 2 Berth End Washroom Campervan Motorhome For Sale
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Vauxhall Movano campervan motorhomes
Vauxhall Movano campervan motorhomes
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  1. Great videos and inspirations – thanks for uploading. Am picking up a van of my own for conversion next week and have had people tell me a cordless drill is no use when fitted with a hole saw for drilling body panels/woodwork unless they’re a 4Ah battery, what the battery rating on the drill are you’re using as it easily handled the vent you fitted below your woodburner? Cheers.

    P.S. Tried asking this on your youtube channel but my comment wont show up no matter what the settings are.

      1. Nice one, thanks!

        I had my lass post this question on your youtube channel, for some reason it wont let me post comments, in case you were wondering why you’re getting the same questions from different folks!

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