Vauxhall Movano Campervan

  • How to install a woodburner in a campervan

    Campervan woodburner installation: a how to guide

    I have a new woodburner for the van. I went back to Dave at Glastonbury Burners and got a new "mini-cyclops" burner which is based on my old Gnome. In this video and article I am going to show you how I removed my old…

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  • How to install a hammock in a campervan

    How to install a hammock in a campervan

    Ive been wanting to install a hammock in the van for some time, but never got around to doing it. But now I have, and here is how I did it! Firstly, you are going to want to install the eye bolts into the main…

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  • Vauxhall Movano Self Built Camper Van Build Costs

    How much did it cost to build my campervan?

    One of the most frequently asked questions I get is how much did it cost to build by camper van, and where did you source the parts from? Well in this blog post I'm going to break it all down for you and provide you…

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  • Campervan Kitchen shelf and storage installation

    Rustic kitchen shelf and storage installation

    The wall behind the sink and hob has been blank since I built the van. I had always meant to do something with this area, but never got round to doing it. So after a trip to France, and seeing how well a shelf and…

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  • How to install a Dometic Coolfreeze Fridge into a campervan

    Fridge Installation: Dometic Coolfreeze CDF-18

    It was time to bite the bullet, the fifty quid coolbox from Halfords was not longer going to cut it anymore, it was just too power hungry on the leisure battery - and it wasn't chilling my cider enough! So I summoned up the courage…

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  • Registering your converted van as a campervan

    Registering your converted van as a campervan

    So you have just completed your self build camper van, and it is still registered as a panel van with the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency). Now comes the time where you want to change the the V5 logbook form from "panel van" to…

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  • How to change the mass air flow meter on a Vauxhall Movano

    Changing the mass air flow meter on a Vauxhall Movano

    So it had to happen at some point, the first real problem with van occurred recently, one which resulted in reduced power, shuddering and black smoke from the exhaust. Basically the Movano was off the road until I could diagnose and fix the problem. My…

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  • Vauxhall Movano Rustic Self-Build Campervan Tour

    I recently met up with Theo and Bee from The Indie Projects, who came down to Dartmoor to interview me about my self built Vauxhall Movano camper van. I have been subscribed to Theo and Bee's YouTube channel for a number of years, and have…

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