• Mountain biking The Beast Unchained

    Coed-y-Brenin: The Beast Unchained 2019

    I recently took the decsion to enter my first ever mountain bike endurance “race”. Well, its not really classed as a race, but they give you a number and a computer timing chip, so it kinda is a race! The event in question was called…

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  • UK Vanlife in the Lake District

    5 days touring the Lake District in my van, and I’m in love!

    Over the years it seems I have travelled more on the continent than I have in my home country of England. It was time to address this issue and head to somewhere I had never been before: The Lake District! So I departed on the…

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  • Vanlife TV Update: What have I been doing?

    Vanlife TV Update: What have I been doing?

    Its been a while since I have posted a new video, or even written a blog post, and there’s a few reasons for that. Firstly, I have been busy just getting on with life, working, hanging out with friends etc and have never found the…

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  • Cliff jumping and snorkelling at Ansteys Cove, Torquay

    Cliff Jumping and Snorkelling at Ansteys Cove, Devon

    A week of hot weather during June 2017 saw myself, and a load of climber mates, spend nearly every day in the water at Ansteys Cove, Redgate Beach and Long Quarry Point in Torquay, Devon. It was so hot that you had to spend a…

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  • Camping on Dartmoor during an electrical storm - a microadventure

    Camping during an electrical storm – a Microadventure

    A few of us sat in the local climbing centre, and hatched a plan for a microadventure on Dartmoor. The idea was to overnight in tents, and climb the following day. As the day arrived, the overnight forecast was for torrential rain and thunderstorms. After…

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  • The stunning beauty of Lustleigh Cleave, Dartmoor

    The stunning beauty of Lustleigh Cleave, Dartmoor

    In this video above I take you on a tour of Lustleigh Cleave and the the river Bovey valley on eastern Dartmoor. The place is stunning, with hidden bridges and steep slopes to explore, all with no vehicular access, which just adds to its mystical…

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  • Climbing the Daymark, Kingswear, Devon

    Climbing the Daymark, Kingswear, Devon

    So here’s our first attempt at buildering! Buildering? Whats that? I hear you say! Well, its bouldering and climbing on man made structures and buildings! Simple eh? Anyway, a while back I stumbled across across a photo on Twitter of somebody “buildering” the Daymark tower…

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  • #vanlife – a lighthearted film about living in a van!

    This video is not by us, but I really thought it was worth sharing as its a great light hearted look at van life. It was filmed in Cornwall, and many of the locations are places we have visited many times on our travels looking…

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