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Climbing the Daymark, Kingswear, Devon

So here's our first attempt at buildering!

Buildering? Whats that? I hear you say! Well, its bouldering and climbing on man made structures and buildings! Simple eh?

Anyway, a while back I stumbled across across a photo on Twitter of somebody "buildering" the Daymark tower near Kingswear in south Devon. As that is pretty close to where we live, I assembled some climbing friends and headed down there for a look.

The Daymark tower at Kingswear in south Devon stands 25 metres tall, and was built in the 1800's on a prominent hillside to help shipping find the mouth of the River Dart. The way it is constructed of limestone and slate type rocks makes it ideal for climbing.

In case you was wondering, we got to around the height of the arch, but didn't have the balls to go any higher! As we couldn't use ropes, we had to down climb, so we stayed well within our limits, and backed out at the first sign of being scared haha!

We soon turned out attention to traversing round the "feet" of the tower, and also linking routes up between the feet. We plan to return soon to work on some more routes, and maybe try with some ropes too.

So sit back and enjoy the video above to see what we got up to that day.

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