Sennen, Gwynver, St Ives & Godrevy Bouldering

The Halloween weekend of 2015 was forecast as being warm and dry, so me and a friend Andy, tried to get a few of us together for a climbing and bouldering trip to Cornwall. There was a bit of bad luck as 2 other friends couldn’t make it due to prior commitments, so it was just myself and Andy left to head down to Cornwall for the trip.

We started at Porthcurno, and the neighbouring beach, Pedn Vounder – which also happens to be a nudist beach. We kept our clothes on to climb!

Next up was a short drive over to Gwynver for sunset, and some night bouldering on the rocks at Aires Point. The waves were quite big, and with an incoming tide, we did get close to getting drenched by the Atlantic a couple of times, but it made an interesting few hours, and both ascended some boulders by torchlight.

Heading back to the van, we parked up in Sennen Cove harbour car park, and then straight to pub for some Rattler cider and food. At the end of the evening, after about 4 pints each, steak and fish, the bill came to £62 quid – oops!

Sennen Cove harbour car park allows you to park overnight for £3.50, and it overlooks the sea, and is a fantastic place to wake up to. 2 other vans stayed overnight, and I think Andy would like to extend his apologies to these 2 vans as he ended up sick outside the van at about 3am – I think the haddock dinner at the pub disagreed with him!

Day two, and we drove up to St Ives, to boulder at Clodgy Point. My hangover was bad, so Andy walked on ahead, whilst I got another hours sleep. I joined him later on in the morning.

At lunchtime it was another short drive to Godrevy, and the fantastic National Trust property right on the beach. More amazing bouldering at this spot, but we had to watch the tides, as the bouldering areas are only accessible 2 hours either side of low tide.

We stayed at Godrevy to watch the sun go down and cook some bacon in the van. Just as we left to head back to Devon, a pod of dolphins decided to put on display in the waters just off the beach. A great end to a great weekend.

So, hope you enjoy the video of the weekend, and below are some more photos that weren’t included in the video. Enjoy!

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