• VanlifeA vanlife weekend in the mountains of Snowdonia

    Snowdonia Weekend – UK Vanlife Vlog

    Recently I made a last minute decision to drive from Devon to Snowdonia National Park in north Wales. It really was a spur of the moment thing – I just felt like a change of scenery and the mountains were a good a place as any! So at 3pm on…

  • AdventuresThe stunning beauty of Lustleigh Cleave, Dartmoor

    The stunning beauty of Lustleigh Cleave, Dartmoor

    In this video above I take you on a tour of Lustleigh Cleave and the the river Bovey valley on eastern Dartmoor. The place is stunning, with hidden bridges and steep slopes to explore, all with no vehicular access, which just adds to its mystical “lost world” feel. At the…

  • Vanlife
    3 Brits in a RV: An American Road Trip – Part 1

    3 Brits in a RV: An American Road Trip – Part 1

    So a good friend of mine (Mark) has just completed an epic road trip across America with a few friends. They flew into LA, and bought an RV to drive across the country, and they filmed their adventures along the way to make a few YouTube videos. So here is…

  • Vanlife

    Stunning vanlife video from Iceland

    This video popped up in my feed on Vimeo a few days ago. As I sat back and watched it, within a few seconds I knew I wanted to share it on for my regular visitors to see! :) The video features a couple living out of a Mercedes…

  • AdventuresSennen, Gwynver, St Ives and Godrevy Bouldering

    Sennen, Gwynver, St Ives & Godrevy Bouldering

    The Halloween weekend of 2015 was forecast as being warm and dry, so me and a friend Andy, tried to get a few of us together for a climbing and bouldering trip to Cornwall. There was a bit of bad luck as 2 other friends couldn’t make it due to…

  • AdventuresRoad trip to Porthcurno, England

    Road trip to Porthcurno, England

    Recently I decided to spend a few days away in Cornwall for a change of scenery. So headed off in the campervan to Lands End – and Porthcurno and Cape Cornwall in particular. I know Porthcurno well as I have surfed and skimboarded there many times, but on this occasion…

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