Deep Water Solo Climbing, Ansteys Cove, Torquay

With all the recent warm weather in the UK, a few of us introduced our friend Mark to his first ever deep water solo climbing route – which is climbing on cliffs above the sea with no ropes. The idea is if you make a mistake and fall – you end up going for a swim!

Ansteys Cove in Torquay is a climbing and bouldering mecca, and the whole area is one of Torbays hidden gems. If you are ever down this way, be sure to check out Ansteys Cove and Redgate Beach.

For you climbers watching, the traverse featured in the video is known as The Long Traverse at Ansteys Cove in south Devon, England. The grade is around 5 or 5+ at high tide, dropping to around a 4 at low tide.

Enjoy the video!

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