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#vanlife – a lighthearted film about living in a van!

This video is not by us, but I really thought it was worth sharing as its a great light hearted look at van life.

It was filmed in Cornwall, and many of the locations are places we have visited many times on our travels looking for waves, so I can relate to "Fergus" in this video.

Here's what it says about the film on the page on Vimeo:

Fergus is living the #vanlife dream. He surfs, he skates, he doesn't answer to nobody... but for how long can he keep rolling? Crayfish Films go behind the scenes to meet one of the original vanlifers.

This is the full length version which premiered at the London Surf Film Festival.
Winner of the 'SPIRIT OF THE FESTIVAL' award - London Surf Film Festival 2013
@crayfishfilms - Thanks for the support!

Anyway, kick back and enjoy this video!

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