2015 Dubs at the beach VW show, Paignton, Devon

The Dubs at the beach VW show made a welcome return to Paignton green over the first weekend of August 2015, and what a show it was! It was very well attended and included everything from split screen campers, beetles, and beach buggies through to T4’s, T5’s, Golfs and Caddies.

The whole green was covered in Volkswagens, and the main sea front road was just a massive line of VWT4 and T5 vans and camper vans. The amount of money and customisation on show was staggering. Some people pour their heart and soul into their cars and vans and it was a sight to behold.

One thing that struck me was the amount of camper vans on display. From T1 split screens through to the modern T5 van – the vans and campers made up about two thirds of the show – going to show how popular they have become.

The weather was superb for the whole weekend, and everybody was laying out on the grass beside their vans and enjoying food and BBQ’s. The atmosphere was superb and laid back.

Its been a few years since the last Dubs on the beach show, and it was really good to see it back on Paignton green. I looking forward to next years show already!

So sit back and enjoy the video above, and take a look through the more detailed photo gallery below! :)

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