10 vanlife quarantine questions answered!

I got tagged to answer 10 vanlife quarantine questions! So here’s the answers!

10 quarantine questions challenge

  1. How many toilet rolls do you have at the moment?
  2. What has been the biggest change for you since lockdown?
  3. Where are you currently parked/docked?
  4. What have you gone without recently?
  5. What are you most grateful for?
  6. What do you miss the most?
  7. How long has it been since you have been at a campsite?
  8. What’s your favourite quarantine food?
  9. How are you exercising/doing workouts?
  10. Who are you challenging next?
Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome back to Vanlife TV. It’s the first weekend after the easing of the lockdown restrictions and I’ve managed to get myself up on Dartmoor with thousands of other people.

But I’ve come to a usual spot that I go to which is out of the way and it is really quiet here which is nice because it’s pretty hectic in the main areas of Dartmoor.

Right so today I’m going to answer 10 quarantine questions because I’ve been tagged to answer these questions by Moviemonster who made a video.

So I thought I might as well just take a drive out today to answer the questions !

So first question is:

How many toilet rolls do you have at the moment?

I think it is – let’s go have a look! It’s still a mess from the van build though! They are in there damn it – well one and a half then – one and a half toilet rolls in the van at the moment!

Alright so question number two is:

What has been the biggest change for you since the lockdown?

Nothing really changed because I’m antisocial bastard at the best of times!

So it actually meant nothing really changed for me because as we went into lockdown I was in the middle of building the van. So I just carried on building the van outside the front of my mum’s house and nothing really changed for me.

I wasn’t affected all that much when it came to the lockdown, just getting hold of a few things bits and pieces that I need for the van where it took a little bit more time. But no, nothing really changed for me!

So question number three is:

Where are you currently parked or docked?

Well, I’m currently parked on Dartmoor but where I have been parked is outside the front of my mum’s house.

While I build the van and I’ve been staying at the house and until the lockdown is fully lifted then I ain’t going to be going very far at all!

I really want to get to Wales in my new van and go mountain biking, but Wales is still under lockdown at the moment.

So yeah I’ve been parked out the front of my mum’s house on the drive and on the road.

So question number four is:

What have you gone without recently?

I know – cladding! I’d run out of cladding as Jewsons was closed, so couldn’t get any more cladding.

There’s sections of the van beneath me here which need cladding, and on the back doors as well, so I believe Jewsons has just opened up again so I’m going to have to grab some cladding.

Question number five is:

What are you most grateful for?

I think family.

In this lockdown period it’s been really nice to be close to the family and being able to go on your hour walks with with the family, so yes I think it’s it’s family.

When it comes to times like this, people pull together don’t they?

Families, and friends as well, mustn’t forget friends – if you could actually get anywhere near them as it stands at the moment! It’s all a bloody mess isn’t it?

So yeah, it would have to be family for that question!

Okay so question number six is:

What do you miss the most?

Well that’s easy for me. It’s freedom.

The freedom to go and meet friends, the freedom to go wherever you want to go wherever you want to do it.

I’ve spoken before about this in another question and answer video that I did.

It’s just the freedom. That’s why I enjoy vanlife so much because of the ability to go where you want to go, whenever you want to do it. Now that’s been taken away, it’s been really tough, and that’s why I’ve come to Dartmoor today.

As the lockdown has eased a little bit and you’re allowed to travel for exercise I thought I’d come up here for a walk today and enjoy a change of scenery

So freedom that’s what I miss the most.

Question number seven is:

How long has it been since you’ve been at a campsite?

The last time I was on a campsite was in Lisbon almost two years ago.

July 2018, just after I lost my dad I was on a campsite with my friends. We went to a festival in Lisbon and we stayed for about five days on a campsite.

After that, I haven’t stayed in a campsite since then. So almost two years.

I usually wild camp and don’t go to campsites, so the last time was in Lisbon in Portugal in July 2018

Okay so question number eight is:

What’s your favorite quarantine food?

Easy! Pizza. It’s got to be pizza so I’ve ate a lot of Pizza. Close second would be some waffles!

So yeah pizza and waffles – that has been my favorite quarantine food so far! Not at all healthy, but there you go – but yeah that’s what I’ve been enjoying the most under lockdown.

Right so question number nine is:

How are you exercising and doing workouts?

Well I’ve been going out daily to walk the dog. I’ve also been getting out on my bike from my mum’s house and just putting in a few miles locally.

I’m chomping at the bit to get out to Wales and get some of the mountains in and some of the trails and trail parks in Wales. But that can’t happen at the moment.

So yeah it’s been daily walking the dog and getting out on my mountain bike for local rides.

Question number ten is:

Who are you challenging next to answer these 10 vanlife quarantine questions?

First person sprung to mind – Scudo Camper. Austin, I’m going to nominate you to answer the 10 vanlife quarantine questions.

That will make a nice video and look forward to seeing that. So Austin, get on it!

So there you go. That about wraps up today’s video all the 10 vanlife quarantine questions have been answered!

I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Until the next video guys – take it easy!

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