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Vanlife: How to change over the gas bottles

So the time was going to come when I run out of gas. And that time was when I was trying to make a cup of tea whilst the wind and drizzle battered the side of the van. So what better time to make a video about changing over the gas bottles, even if it meant me getting cold and wet!

Luckily, when I bought the van it with 2 full bottles of gas – this was back in June 2015. It was now December so the bottle of gas lasted me well. Admittedly my gas use was much lower through the summer and autumn, but I am quite pleased with how long it lasted.

So it was time to swap out the bottle for the other full bottle in the gas locker of the van. The gas bottles that came with the van are the “dumpy” bottles, with 4.5Kg of gas in them. The regulator is screwed onto the bottle, instead of the usual clip on method. This means you have to carry a wrench to remove the regulator, and its a left hand thread too – something that caught me out at first!

The gas locker in the van is situated directly behind the Truma gas heater in van. There is a metal partition between the heater and gas locker, and I think it has been designed this way to allow the heater to warm the gas locker too.

You see, butane gas (which comes in the blue bottles) does not work well at low temperatures. So I am guessing the engineers which designed the van would thought they would allow the Truma heater to warm the gas bottle locker too. Pretty neat idea!

You can of course switch to propane gas (which comes in the red bottles) in the winter, as this doesn’t suffer from cold weather problems. But I am going to risk it with another bottle of butane and see how it goes.

There are 2 main producers of gas in the UK – Calor and Flogas. So I now have got to do some research to see where I can get the best deal, and on what size bottle. It may mean me having to get a larger bottle and changing the regulator as well, but that’s something for another blog post.

So for the moment, I am on my second bottle of gas, my cup of tea has been made, the van is warm, and the weather locked outside. All in all I am one happy bunny!

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