Haytor Granite Tramway, Dartmoor

So I have been out and about on Dartmoor during the tourist season, so to get away from the crowds I decided to walk out the back of Haytor Rocks (where many tourists fear to tread ;) ) and onto the granite tramway to Holwell quarry.

The tramway was built in 1820 to take granite from the quarry’s at Haytor on Dartmoor, down to the canal at Stover, some 10 miles away. The construction of the tramway was itself a massive feat of engineering. Horse drawn carts laden with granite would be pulled along, and the granite tracks would guide the cart wheels in the right direction.

Today the quarry’s are inside the national park boundary, so everything is quiet and peaceful – as you will see in the video. But back in the 1800’s the place would have been a hive of activity and anything but quiet!

So have watch through the video, and the photos below, and if you have any questions or comments just post them below!

Enjoy the video!

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