EE Osprey 2 Mini: Mobile Wifi for the campervan!

Up until now I have been using my phone to access the internet whilst I am away in the campervan. But just recently I decided It was about time to invest in a mobile WiFi device that I could connect a few devices to the internet at the same time.

So after reading some reviews online, I opted for the EE Osprey 2 Mini. I bought it from my local Currys store and the cost was £49.99, and it came bundled with 6GB of data to get me started. The data was valid for 3 months from the date of activation. It also comes with 3 different colour outer bands to customise it to your liking, a USB cable and a little carrying pouch.

Here's the mobile WiFi device I bought:

4GEE WIFI Osprey 2 Mini from EE Mini WiFi Hub eBay4GEE WIFI Osprey 2 Mini from EE Mini WiFi Hub - £33.33 View on eBay

So here I am sat in the van on a clifftop camp-site at Lands End in Cornwall, typing this blog post whilst connected to the web with my EE device! How it is doing it I don't know - because my regular phone has no where near the 3G service in the same spot. Its pretty awesome, and other users I have spoken to on the web say their EE mobile WiFi device regularly connects to the 3G and 4G service when their phone doesn't.

Cost wise, well I have chosen a pay as you go option, so I will need to top up when my initial 6GB runs out, but EE offer 15GB of data for £20 - which is probably the option I will choose. There are other cheaper options that I may look at depending on my data usage.

Speaking of data usage, it can be used up pretty quickly if you download/upload videos, so I will save that for when I have a land-line broadband connection. But for general web surfing and emails it works out pretty good. I have been online for about 2.5 hours here in the van, and have used approx 45MB of data - and that's mainly Facebook, Instagram, this blog post and some emails.

So there you have it, if you are looking for a mobile WiFi device, I can definitely recommend the EE Osprey 2 Mini!

EE 4G Mobile Broadband WiFi Osprey 3 Mini Includes 6GB Preloaded PAYG SIM Card
EE 4G Mobile Broadband WiFi Osprey 3 Mini Includes 6GB Preloaded PAYG SIM Card
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