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Close encounter with a fox!

I spent an afternoon at some woodland that I have access to in south Devon recently, with a plan to make a video about some van updates.

Upon driving into the woodland I encountered 3 deer stood in the middle of the trackway. They soon moved off into the trees, but after I parked up I went in search for them, hoping to get some footage.

I did come across one of the deer, as you will see in the video. I then headed back to the van, but on the way there I caught what looked like a fox out the corner of my eye. He was chilling out in the sun on a grass bank.

So I thought I would try and get some footage of him, and edged ever closer to him. To my suprise he allowed me to get within metres of him before he moved - but he didn't move far, and was quite happy for me to observe him close up.

I spent about 15 minutes watching the fox, at times only 2 metres away from me. It was a fantastic experience, and I am hoping I will catch up with him again on another visit to the woodland soon.

Enjoy the video of the fox and deer!

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