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Installing a cab curtain into a VW T4 Transporter

I decided to order a cab curtain from Van-X online, as I needed a way to stop prying eyes into the back of the van when parked up at night. The curtain is part of Van-X’s eco range – so it is not fully black out, but it does cut most of the light, and is perfect for what I am after.

The installation is straightforward, but you need some basic tools to install the curtains – things like drill/drill bits, hacksaw and screwdriver. It took me just over an hour to install, and this article covers how I did it.

The first thing to do is cut the curtain rail to size. As you can see by the photo on the right, the rail has 2 tracks – one carries the curtain itself, and the other track is where you place the screws. This means when you pull the curtain, it doesn’t snag on the screw heads in the rail. Neat design!

Remember to measure twice and cut once! Be sure of your measurements before committing the hacksaw to the curtain rail!

With the curtain rail cut to size, its time to screw it into the van roof. I installed it just behind the roof support bar, as I had read online that if you position it right up close to the bar, you are able to screw it into a metal roof strengthening panel that runs across the van.

This was spot on, after drilling through the carpeted roof panel, I was straight into the strengthening bar behind. I did check on a number of occasions that I wasn’t drilling the outer roof – but all was well!

Its worth leaving the last 2 screws out on one side, then feeding the curtain onto the rail, and then fit the end cap. After the end cap is on, put in the 2 remaining screws. This means you can bend the curtain rail slightly which helps get the end cap on.

With the rail and curtain in place, you can turn your attention to the sides of the van, and the installation of the side poppers/press studs. Its a case of a simple drill bit to make the hole, and then screw the popper into position. There are 4 poppers per side, and you can choose which one to use for the tie backs.

So there we have it, one installed cab curtain which looks really smart. Have a look through the rest of the photos below, and if you have any questions drop them in the comments below!

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