Headed to Hartland Quay in North Devon with a few friends for a chance to go to a new place to try some of the bouldering and climbing.

This time I didn't take the camper van, as my mate had offered to drive, so we piled in a load of bouldering pads into the boot and set off with 5 people in the car!

It was my first time at Hartland Quay, and what a stunning place it is. Nestled into the cliffs of north Devon, there is a pub, museum and cafe, and stunning views out to Lundy Island, and that's before you start on the amazing coastal geology - which is what we had come to climb.

The folds of rock was testament to the massive forces that went into forming the rock millions of years ago. Free standing columns of rock, caves and massive slabs all make this an awesome place to climb.

So sit back and enjoy the video above, (watch out for the out-takes at the end!) and take a look over the photos below when you're done!

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